Intelligent dynamic programming building blocks

Provide programming building block customization and research and development for building block manufacturers and scientific and educational institutions
Guangdong Qunyu Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development company that only focuses on the intelligent dynamic building block programming system and its programming related accessories. The company has developed more than 200 building block electronic solutions, dozens of different functional application masters: covering Bluetooth BLE, WIFI, broadcast Bluetooth, 2.4G; more than 30 sensors: ultrasonic, color recognition, gyroscope, etc.; a variety of rudders Cameras, lights, speakers, etc.
We have launched more than 100 building block programming systems and applications. It covers: PC Windows, PC Mac; APP mobile: Android, IOS, WeChat applet. The types of systems range from basic motor control sports to sensor application systems, lighting control systems, serial bus science and education and competition systems, etc. In addition, our deep learning AI team also launches self-developed applications for image, face, gesture, human body, sound and natural language processing functions for customers.

Introduction to development function modules

remote control

Stepped series upgrade experience, multi-functional, personalized direction control.

one hand control

Gyroscope sensing mode, one-hand remote control operation, custom programming one-hand control.

two-handed control

Hand-sensing remote control, multi-mode diversification and custom programming control.

programming control

The graphical programming mode is introduced, and the modular programming is realized by dragging and dropping the command box, and the combination is ever-changing.

Lighting control

Combined with ever-changing lighting control modes, it can show you a brilliant and colorful light show.

voice control

Voice commands are issued to control the device to execute custom voice command content.

path control

Freely draw any path, and control the device to execute the content of the specified path.

music control

Basic notes correspond to direction commands for custom music programming.

3D construction

Observation from a 3D perspective, accurate to every building detail, upgrades the building experience.

sensor control

Realize various sensing operations such as obstacle avoidance and line inspection, and the programming creativity is ever-changing.

shake control

Shake, shake out different controls, shake out different actions.

Serial communication control

Programmable control is realized through peripheral equipment and computer for programming creative data transmission.

Introduction to programming

Comparison of APP Advantages

Programming System Service Solution

  • Any type of customized system supports function upgrades, superimposed one-time fees, and free maintenance for life
  • Class A: basic power control and programming system. Suitable for building block manufacturers and companies that mainly sell finished building blocks.
  • Category B: basic science and education system. It is suitable for general scientific and educational institutions, sellers of scientific and educational products, and manufacturers and companies with sensory building blocks.
  • Category C: science and education system category system. Suitable for relatively large science and education institutions and schools. Serial bus system, computer terminal and mobile terminal system are covered.
  • Category D: competition system. Institutions suitable for competitive competitions and scientific and educational institutions.
  • Class E: SDK access package. Including: SDK-Broadcast, SDK-BLE, SDK-BLE-Serial, SDK-PC-Broadcast, SDK-PC-BLE
  • Class F: Vision and recognition systems. Including: gesture recognition, image and human biometrics, voice and language.

Introduction to PC-side building block programming system

  • Through the serial port communication control to realize the custom programming of the computer
  • The introduction of graphical programming mode, drag and drop the instruction box to realize modular programming, and the combination is ever-changing
  • Building block programming APP: consists of multiple versions from easy to difficult. Using personalized programming tasks, multiple control modes in parallel, and programming to drive the motor to control the robot to perform tasks, showing the effect of visual programming
  • Building block programming PC terminal: Inheriting the powerful functions and experience of Scratch, connecting popular programming education content, and independently developing a programming mode suitable for Chinese children. It provides a variety of flexible systems and equipment. As an entry-level product for programming, it is suitable for group teaching and online interactive teaching, and encourages children to share creation and creative sharing.
  • Small program side: continue APP development; support small program version

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Some sensors and accessories

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